Wednesday, March 23, 2011


LOML & Jonathan left early this am heading to Lake Fort Smith for a few days to enjoy Jonathan's spring break from the University of Arkansas.

So.. I have a full day 3 days of a quiet house, relaxing, eating out with girlfriends showing property after property.. Spring is here and lots of folks wanting a new home! The market is turning in Texas and I could not be happier!!!
LOML & Jonathan
They took all they toys, bikes, kayaks, my sweet gypsy trailer!! 

Isn't she adorable??? Just got her lettering on the back of the trailer yesterday!! I love it!! 

Have a great day!


Lori said...

ha,ha love the cross out words. I gave up Stars tickets tonight to my daughter and friend, just to get few hours down time.

Laura said...

That trailer is a must have. What a great weekend the boys are going to have with all those 'toys' to play with. 'Me time' is great for you too, though. Have fun!

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