Sunday, March 20, 2011

SHADE GARDEN "AFTER" with new pathway!

We  LOML finished all the rock & flagstone today.

View from the steps of LOML office.. new pathway!  I can not wait until all the flowers and hosta are blooming! 

View from the street to LOML's office... Mulch and flowers planted on the left side...  
these were the "BEFORE"

We put in the flower bed in 2008- These beds are over 50 feet long.. stretchs all the way down the side of the house to outdoor space. 

We put the left bed down in 2010, planted tons of grass in center - grass would not grow too much shade etc.. 
Hope you love it.... LOML is very proud!! Now his clients have a pretty path to walk down!


Stacey said...

We have a place that needs exactly the same treatment. :) Yours looks fantastic!

The Green Pea said...

Your pathway is beautiful. I like the sound of walking on rock. The rock adds some nice color to your garden too. sandi

Lori said...

It is wonderful. And I know exactly how much hard work that is.

Anonymous said...

NICE! He did a great job and that's hard work putting down mulch. We still have a pile in our driveway to finish up.


Francy said...

wow, send him to my place! he does beautiful work.

Karla at Home said...

Looks wonderful...lots of hard work. xoxo Karla

Laura said...

What a lovely walk to the office. Hosta's are beautiful but I have a terrible problem with slugs. Do you have that problem where you are?

jmac said...

didn't you say your LOML is in counseling? whoa....that's therapy right there in the walk alone!! So serene. so peaceful. Ya'll did a super job. Isn't it fun to sit back and admire a job well done??!!!

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