Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh what a night! and a joyful sale!

It was Mimi last night and wow did we ever have a LARGE time! I picked up Jack - who by the way is having a birthday this coming week #2!  First stop KFC! He took the bucket off the cabinet and said "ALL MINE" seriously!!  
While Wesley and I were in the kitchen baking BANANA BANANA BREAD, Jack went missing... He shouted "FOUND ONE" when we spotted him under my office desk!  
And oh what a sweet mess Wesley made!!  And of course, I love to clean messes!
First batch in the oven!!  The boys went to bed.. After the loaves were all done, I wrapped them in bags, with cute tags, and he happily carried 6 of his favorite teachers bread to school this morning! I am so THANKFUL for them.. I was busy cleaning messes forgot to take photo's of the after .. you can reflect to my old post for recipe and finished goodie! 

Ok ... so happy Friday to all... Enjoy the recipe... and one more important announcement!! Do you all know, love and adore Nancy @Ella Elaine! Well I recently have spent a great deal of time with her and Mr Ella, great folks, you should meet them. Today I am helping her spread the word that she is having a big sale at her home In Frisco....Nancy, I am trying to get to Frisco !! Clients n town today and tomorrow.... AND oh how I need a few more chippy, junky, crusty things!!  


Nancy @ Ella Elaine said...

Thanks for the shout out about our sale. We have already sold quite a lot, but there is still more for the picking!
Love the banana banana bread story. It makes me miss my grandsons...


mzzterry said...

i should be a gram this week! I am so excited for all the nites like this one that I have ahead of me! i love your mimi stories. what a blessing! have a great THANKSGIVING.

Anonymous said...

Awesome style. I would like to write that way.

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