Monday, November 15, 2010

so glad to be home....

I'm Back!!  Alexandria was great ... more on that later! Weekend was filled with LOML, & a soccer tournament! They took 2nd place!! Not bad considering this is their first year playing as a team!  Also, we squeezed in dinner Saturday night with fabulous friends!  
Coin toss! 

FINALLY for the drawing!! Thank you for entering, thank you for hopping over to meet Tori!
Drum roll please..... The winner is Shelia, she will receive a gift from here!   Did you know they have 44 flavors of popcorn?  Hope you all have a great day!



Karla at Home said...

Hey, we had a great time at dinner and Mr. Sweetie thinks you guys are the you have great stories to tell:)

shelia said...

Oh I'm so excited, I never win anything so this is a first! Thank you so much, can't wait !

Elizabeth and Gary said...

I remember the soccer days with my youngest daughter, we were always gone with games and both my daughters played softball too...They fun and crazy times..I miss them. I'm so happy you are enjoying this time with your little guy..You have had a busy summer.
Have a sweet day,

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