Tuesday, August 31, 2010

where do i blog party?

I am linking up to the "WHERE DO I BLOG PARTY"  My space is in the laundry room/office/scrapbook table. This space is pretty quiet other than the uneven washer bouncing around the floor  and  i love my space, pictures of family, buckets of stuff on my shelves that only I could find what I am looking for,  I read blogs, dream BIG, and have been known to work on many digital scrapbooks on my Mac in this space. Coke Zero, Spree and my favorite candle surround me daily. Welcome to my space! Thanks for stopping by! Valarie


Sue said...

Great stuff; love your chair!


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Its a wonderful space to call your own. No matter how big or small the space is or who we share it with, Its still our space to create in. I share a room with my husband, we each have half the room, his is messy and mine is neat:>)...LOL
Have a sweet day, Hugs-Elizabeth

milka said...

blogging while doing laundry! that's really unusual but cool! :)

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