Thursday, August 26, 2010

pEAcE, LOVE and Camping..

Hey all.. I will be away a few days, we are heading to Mineral Wells State Park with friends.. camping, biking, kayaking, and great food!!
This is my trial run to drive the gypsy down, hook it all up, and learn the tricks before the Sister on the Fly event in October.  
I did snag this State Fair of Texas pennant from Tracey (did you all go by her shoppe yet?) I hung the pennant going down the front door of the trailer, along with my bedspring wreath!
Holla at you all on Monday! Valarie


Angela said...

I knew Tracey would help!!

Christy said...

Soo cute! Love the wreath too, and I can't WAIT until the fair this year!

Jennifer said...

I just love those bed springs wreaths! Looks too cute!

Deb said...

have the pennant..

ballet news said...

Lovely ! Happy weekend

Karla at Home said...

Love the wreath...have a great time Hugs, Karla

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