Friday, February 13, 2009

A rose for each of you! The yellow one is all mine!

Wow... I was working away at my corporate America job today and the security guard called and said ... "Valarie, you have a delivery!" .. When I went down I said "FOR ME?" I was so not expecting since we had dinner plans tomorrow night, a very sweet surprise from LOML! .. The card with them made me tear up! Have to share that another time!
I could not wait to get home, I had the perfect place for these beautiful roses!
I thought they would look very pretty in the bedroom to compliment my red accents, this is my dresser... It once was brown, I painted it black and sanded the edges. I use the same technique you all use to shabby basically except I use black paint. I have had this dresser since 1986! I find it hard to part with things.

The silver boxes - are all from thrift stores, I love them, they store all kinds of stuff!
The candles holders, bought at Goodwill this week! 2 bucks! Still had the tags on them from Target and I snatched them very quickly! Perfect with my bedding!
Enjoy your rose ~ Thank you all for your sweet comments, friendship and mostly for stopping by! You make my day!


1 comment:

Mimi Sue said...

What a sweetie you have. I love yellow roses. I got them everytime I had a baby! Mimi

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