Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentine's Day 1981? Do you remember?

Look what I found at a local thrift store today? I thought this was so stinking cute .. I could not pass up!
The date 1981 took me back a step as I wondered what was I doing Valentine's Day 1981??? Quickly, I recalled.. I was 20! AND had just found out I was expecting my daughter Ashley!! (YES, way to young!) Where does the time go??

I love comments, so please leave me a comment, of your Valentine memory 1981!


Cottage Rose said...

Hello; Well lets see if I can remember that far back.... hmmmm
Well I had just turned 25 , and my son was just a few months old. And that is about it that I can remember, so I spent that day with my sweet baby boy who is now 28 going on 29. oh to back when he was a tiny little angle.... sigh.


Cottage said...

In 1981 we lived in McKinney and my first baby was 6 months old. The downtown square was just beginning a revitalization and there were outlet stores on every corner.

My parents had installed carpet for us, couldn't have their grand baby crawling on cold hardwood floors. And hubby gave me a dishwasher for Valentines day.
Life was very uncomplicated and easy back then.

The Valentine plate is SO pretty!

bj said...

hmmm, well, I was 43 at this time but I have no idea what we did for Valentines Day.

xo bj

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