Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mimi Thursday! A Valentine Project by Wesley...

Valentine Project... ever notice how these project's fall on Mimi night?
Wesley, our little 3rd grader.. had to design a Valentine box for the Valentine party at his school. We went with a sports theme. I used scrapbook sports paper on all sides, then we took the newspaper and went through the sports section. Can you tell he thinks Tony Roma Rocks!
Cut and glued red hearts... a few stickers.. and there you have it! Oh ... then we used blue painter's tape to tidy up the edges of the scrapbook paper.. +++ Wesley liked the blue for the Dallas Cowboys.
Don't you agree he did a great job??
I hope he gets lots and lots of candy!! His Mom will really love that!
Photo's of all sides of the box and top for cards!


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Mona said...

I LOVE that red chandelier!! Just darling. And your home is the perfect idea to me of what a cottage looks like. (I think I wrote this statement on the wrong blog...cringing here :( I wonder if anyone has ever done that before. No matter..I am sure hers was cute also. But this one is..adorable. I love the color, the style...perfect!
More to read... :)

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