Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mimi Thursday!

Mimi Thursday's seem to come very quickly over the beginning of what seems to be a very busy holiday season.

Since Wesley's baby brother arrived last Wednesday, I have been the non-stop Mimi, helping out etc.. I begged Wesley for a week of Mimi night off .. but that wasn't happening!!

Once the night started I was so glad he was here. We discussed Santa .. and Wesley questioned if he was real, how did he really come into our house if the doors are locked and... Mimi does NOT HAVE A chimney.. the questions were endless..

I finally got him off that subject with a challenge of the 12 days of Christmas.. American Idol in the making of this 8 year old .. I tell ya! (lol) We begin to sing, (no, i can not carry a tune!) we were laughing so hard at each other.. and the singing talent we did not have... However, we knew the 12 twelve days of Christmas very well.

We made his favorite brownies tonight (also, his Uncle Jon's favorite!). Licking the beaters is the best!

Hope you all have a favorite time with your grandkids, kids, and loved ones over the holiday!


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