Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hope you like my Trees!!

Jingle bells to All,

Wanted to share my tree in the dining room. I decided to put in the dining room since that is where we stay at Christmas gathered around the table for chip & dips, cookies, hot cocoa.. and share stories!

I love the BELIEVE glitter word, have had for a few years.. Totally addicted to polka dots this year. if you recall I used this same ribbon for my front door garland. The ornaments on the tree are years of kids ornaments, or ornaments we buy yearly for the kids that are reflective of their life. You will find basketballs, sail boats, airplanes, motorcycles. Opening the ornament bin is like opening a gift each year. Not sure if it is the memory of the ornament or the memory of each of the kids memories at that time in their life.

This little curly ribbon tree is new this year.. ordered on internet with a no return policy!! What you see isn't what you get sometimes! Wasn't quite what I expected. However, thought was cute sassed up a bit. This is in the corner of our bedroom, Love the reflection in the mirror of the tree..

Hope you all are enjoying this season!

Cheers to ya!

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