Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 Toured this space with a girlfriend today... my kind of office space!! Ready for the tour???

Love the old wheel barrow - it was being used as a fountain in the lobby!

Vintage mantle, mercury candlesticks, and vintage blue glassware 


Conference room space... 

Funky metal case holding fed ex boxes etc... this space used for mailing station  

All of the office doors had vintage funky doors... chippy, white loved it! 

Stunning chandelier! 

Open lobby for all our clients.. 

Dreamy right?? Wouldn't you like to sign a real estate contract with me in this space?? 

The old bird cage wouldn't fit in my car... but i sure did want to take it home... wasn't for sale either! :)

Hope you loved the tour.. weather you need to buy a home, sell a home, or lease an office space call me!

1 comment:

Gayle said...

Wow - that looks more like an art studio than an office - VERY cool!

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