Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today my dear Mama turned 70!! We gave her a surprise birthday bash!!  

When she walked in we all yelled 'SURPRISE'... she started to cry!  Awww.. my sweet Mama!! 

Her cake- a picture of her on her pony at age 4 - 

Of course she had a red boa, our theme was Diva for the day! 

Beautiful at 70!! 

Everyone wrote a note to her on a tag.. 

All the guests took home a leopard container with a flower..  

One section of the gift table  

Mama & Me 

My sister Fannie & Mama -

Happy 70th Mama!!
We love you!! 


Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

How wonderful to honor your mom so sweetly! I love it! She is very pretty too!!

shelia said...

Congratulations to your Mom on her 70th birthday! It is a wonderful thing to have your Mom with you to share all the great times with your children and grands, I miss mine everyday, remember you can never say "I love you" too many times! Happy New Year!

jmac said...

Geezum girl....ya'll have got some good genes -- she is absolutely a doll and looks 20 yrs younger than her age!! Such a precious cake and party....Happy Birthday to Glimpse's mom!!

Kristen said...

How cute is she ? She looks fabulous for 70.


Lindsey said...

so fun!! Love her cake! That pic is adorable.

Dear Lillie said...

My mom's birthday was the 29th too! Your mother is beautiful and her party looks fabulous!

Tracy said...

How sweet! And your mom is just so beautiful.

Tracy :)

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