Wednesday, May 13, 2009

little pink chair!

One of the newest of my Goodwill finds..-- Little pink chair for guest bedroom.. better known as my Mom's room. Bought for $20! I was going to recover then I had a change of heart. I love the old pink vintage worn look, so I put a pillow in the seat and there you have it. I believe I have shared this room with all of you before .. but here are a few more pictures!

Let's all go junkin!


Sassy said...

Thank you for becoming one of my followers....I was so surprised...I love your blog and it touches my ♥ when someone wants to hang around me and mine....your home is lovely and I love the pink chair...I would leave it just like that too...thank you again and I will be back.

ksarra said...

That chair is perfect, and I'm so glad you decided not to recover it. Your room is charming.

Chloe's Couture said...

Where do you get the big word letters, like " DREAM"? Love the chair!

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