Saturday, May 30, 2009

Take me out to the Ball Game! Sing along with ME!

And I do mean all week-end ball game! Wesley is playing a tournament this week-end... SO, this Mimi is bringing the fun snacks and the cheer leading squad of family to sit on the front row!! How could I say NO?? Well, it's First Monday week-End and a ton of estate sales in my area today~ But with a cute little face and piercing blue eyes.. I normally don't say NO to this little first baseman!
AND... Of course, I will have to keep Baby Jack awake to cheer for his big brother! (isn't he a lump of sugar?)
What are you up today? Come on.. don't be shy leave me a comment!!


Tootsie said...

going to a huge garage sale...and trimming some hedges....and know...everything to time to do it!
this weekend sounds like you will be having a wonderful time...those are two very cute little faces you get to see!!!! enjoy!

Mimi Sue said...

I'm babysitting a sugar lump too! Being a mimi is so much fun. I tried to take him to a couple of garage sales but he was not happy so home we came. Your adirondack chairs are wonderful. You lucky girl. I have a friend living in Fort Worth. We went to visit her about 20 years ago. Went to the stockyards and to Billy Bobs. We also went to the Botanical gardens. It was so gorgeous. Mimi

The Vintage Housewife... said...

i have got a glimpse of your world... and i love it...first let me say your home is have such style! adorable post and i am very very thankful for yor comment...blessings cat

tammy said...

Cute boys. I just want to smooch those cheeks!

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