Sunday, March 3, 2013

Garage Makeover -- THE AFTER

Thanks to you that left such nice comments & emails regarding the garage makeover etc.. 

To answer your questions.. 

It took them 2 days to do the framework, hang garage door, and then hubby finished out the electrical wiring in one day. 

My inspiration was from a old Better Home & Garden photo that I had saved while looking for a vine that was covered on my inspiration trellis. 
A big all white garage door.... serves the purpose but not attractive... Hopefully in the spring the  trellis will be full of growning vines and distract the eye from the door. 

We added the strap hinges and handles -- Can't wait to plant vines on the trellis! 

They finished painting, priming, and while painting the new trellis they also painted the pergola over our outdoor seating. 

Garage makeover now complete... 
I am beyond ready for spring to begin planting and hanging baskets!  Tons of buds on my roses!! 

Thanks for your comments ... and yes you can always pin my blog entries, pictures etc on pinterest .. just link it back to me.

See you tomorrow!

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