Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Smithville Ranch

Yesterday I told you about my dear friend Christina... She is the pioneer woman I have known for 30 years... I am so glad to call her my friend... I hope you all have enjoyed meeting her through my posts (no, she will not blog!) - this is a few snaps of the Ranch! 
Martin birdhouses... 

Peaches galore!! 

Beautiful - 

Her style chippy, rusty and crusty before the trend was cool.... because my friend is just cool like that! 

Only one of the horses.. isn't he beautiful?

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of the country!!

Make it a day to celebrate and reach out to all those girlfriends who have loved you through the years!!


1 comment:

jmac said...

Oh girl....I do love my girlfriends and tell them ALL the time! Sometimes, they are what get me thru some days!!
Thanks for the reminder...think I'll write them right now!

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