Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Cooler temps here in Texas.. we may be able to sit by the fire tonight and talk about our day! 

Come on over! 


NanaDiana said...

Too cold and windy to sit outside here...and they are talking snow tonight- ugh- xo Diana

Lorilee said...

It is drizzling here! YaY, We need rain! Love your fireplace.

Debbie Doughty said...

I found your lovely blog tonight while looking for vintage travel trailer blogs. I just read your posts on the little cutie you sold and have a question for you. We just bought a '57 Shasta with birch veneer cabinets that need a little TLC. Any tips? Thanks!
(debbiedoughty at gmail dot com)

Debi@7Gates said...

I'll bring a good bottle of wine; get the fire going! Really wish I could come over. That would ridiculously fun!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here's the plan. You park that big silver pickle in my frontyard, decorate my house, and I'll cook.
In the meantime, I'm off to get bricks for a fireplace.

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