Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A proud Mama!

Son Jon Eric was battling it out last night to win a slot this December at TEDxSMU.  There were many hours of work and submissions prior to get to this point.  He did not win a slot  although as his mother I thought he should have won he did very well. Many folks came up afterward and asked how do you move your feet like that? Tell me about sprinting.. who do you coach on the USA track team?

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Follow My Heels
Of course the coach wants to get up and move around. As a coach for the USA track team, hopefully the audience can keep up with Jon-Eric Fountain’s talk. At the sound of Usain Bolt going 30 mph and working out, I could tell many were reminiscing about their now caput New Year’s resolution. There’s always next year…right?
Back on our feet we go, Fountain makes a point about sprinting and form. Developing efficiency and eventually increasing the individual’s ability speed.
His final Challenge: “Find the ways to be most efficient in your life and follow your heels.”
His best friend since 7th grade came out to cheer him on as well!   

It was a fun evening at Kessler Theater 

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