Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy Saturday!

Adding a little fall color to the dining table.. old rusty basket found on a curb.. put in my burlap table runner, filled with a few pumpkins and corn... 

Added a few silver creamers to the chandelier arms to give it a bit of a punch and reworked my buffet today. 

Enjoying home.... that's what I love! 



Dawn Dutton said...

Lovely display..happy autumn..

Diane Writes said...

I agree. Homey and beautiful Valerie. Enjoy autumn!

Stacey said...

That old basket looks fabulous! The look of something natural just can't be beaten.

Hey, we spent the weekend in McKinney. We actually came down to go to Canton and decided to stay there. I just love it!!

I have a real estate question for you...we drove and drove. We fell in love with an area off El Dorado. I promised myself I'd remember the name and of course, I don't. There were lots of trees and the houses backed up to a creek. The homes were not new..probably 10-15 years old. Does that ring a bell? Oh, there was a school and park in the neighborhood. The area is on the north side of El Dorado.

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