Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oak Cliff Coop Snoop Tour

loved the weathervane on top of the coop!

loved the chickens

Her feathers were so soft... I wanted to take her home! 
Loved this coop... 
So pretty! 

I promise there was a coop in this backyard... but I was focused on his landscaping .. fabulous backyard!! 

On the door of the coop "ladies" sign... loved it. 
Want to take one home? They were for sale 
Beautiful - 

Need a Coop?

It was a beautiful day and we had a blast in Oak Cliff...  Hope you enjoyed the tour! For more information about the Oak Cliff Coop Snoop Tour click here!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

great day I will have some *girls*...also loved that home in bridlewood

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