Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday!! Come on in, door is open!

Welcome to Guest Blogger Friday here at the Blue Cottage.  I am so happy you stopped by... Sit down... and grab a sweet tea... you are in for a real treat!!

Hi - my name is Robelyn (aka: red.neck Chic) and I haunt Valarie's blog... it's fun over here!  I am SEW honored to lurk and loiter - and now duct tape all of YOU in Valarie's land of creative genius!!!

I am notorious for my cooking skills.  Seriously - I'm notorious with the local fire department and my home insurance company... a legendary chefette in my own mind...  I am generally banned from the kitchen - but I adore aprons!!!  I wear one allllllll day long at my "pay the bills" job (which is NOT behind the stove at a 5-star...) - and of course the apron has to be pretty!  What could POSSIBLY be prettier than a vintage pillow case?  I use them to make aprons (it's sew easy!), pocketbooks, skirts... nothing as mundane as making my bed. ~geesh~

I figure you can cook - and maybe you will be B-B-Q'n over the long week-end (if so - what time should I be there?)?  Or... perhaps gardening?  OR!  Maybe you just need a pretty apron?  Here you go:

Start with a vintage pillowcase - fold it in half with the pretty border inside - then fold it back again about a third of the way down - the pretty boarder outside.

Stitch it straight up the sides, then...

Voila! two pockets!  But - you're not done yet.

In keeping with the fact that I don't make my bed  we are using a vintage pillow case for this project - I located some bed sheet strips laying around in the laboratory for the ties.  Why? I don't know... but I promise - I have sheets on my bed that are in one piece. You could use ribbon - or a recycled belt... duct tape...

I just layered a couple of strips and stitched them right across the top!  Then...

add some pretty buttons - 'cause you HAVE to have some bling!

How's THAT for being a SEW easy project?! And look - even if you can't cook you could still hang your apron on the barbed wire fence... pretty up the 'hood.*big cheesy grin goes here*

Now - I'm off to see who's B-B-Q'n this week-end since the fire department has put crime scene tape 'round my kitchen - but I sure hope YOU have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day week-end full of duct tape and giggles!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I can't thank you enough Valarie for lettin' me park the single-wide in your backyard and terrorize enjoy your neighbors and friends - I promise - I'll mow or duct tape somethin' while I'm back here...


shelia said...

Love it! I enjoy Robelyn's blog, (I believe she's a southerner at heart)! Everyone have a great weekend and don't forget to fly your flags!!

red.neck chic said...

Thank You Shelia! I could be a Southern Girl...hee-hee

And THANK YOU Valarie! I had so much fun doing this!

;-D robelyn

Anonymous said...

I am having the ahrdest time commenting today - and noy becuz I started celebrating the long weekend early.
This is a gret idea but I need to make it in a more masculine material so I can get HIM to wear it and do the cooking and cleaning. Of course that touch of duct tape may be all I need.

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