Friday, December 10, 2010

One of our traditions!

Every year for the past 8 years.. Fannie and I take Mama to a Christmas luncheon at the Zodiac Room @Neiman Marcus in downtown Dallas.  Neiman Marcus was the first employer for Mama.  You guessed it ... Gift Wrapper for the Holidays!!  To this day - she swears this was the most fun and rewarding job she had over all her career!
One of the entry decor pieces on the 4th floor of the Christmas Store @Neiman's 
Mama & her cousin Sookie- While enjoying the Zodiac experience they bring you this fabulous popover bread and serve with a strawberry jam butter!!! 

While you are being served lunch - these fabulous models walk around and model fabulous gowns, coats etc and invite you down after lunch to meet the designer!  Isn't she beautiful?? 
This coat felt like cashmere... oh so luscious!! Dear Santa, I will take this!! 
Glitzy tree and the mirrored glittery wall to the elevator! 

Another cute tree - the theme this year was Spaceland... very cute tree!   
The girls were acting up!! Not G Rated so will leave out what they were laughing about!! 
A MacKenzie - Childs tree.. I purchased a few ornaments!! I had too!! 
From l-r .. my sister Fannie, Sookie, Mama, Carolyn, niece Haley Jayne

Thanks girls for a fun afternoon!! Love you all..... 


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Your version of The Tennis Girls! Love it! What a pretty bunch of ladies :) I love that tradition. My daughter and I always did Christmas tea at The Drake Hotel and lunch at The Walnut Room at Marshall Fields durning the holidays, as she attended college in Chicago. She is not there anymore, so this is the first year we haven't done it, waaaaaah! Thanks for sharing your tradition :)

Deb said...

girls day is always so much fun...pretty ladies...

paperjunk-lc said...

When I was a girl going to the Zodiac room was a real treat. I love the popovers! That Mackenzie Childs tree is up my alley I might have to go Down town to take a look.

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