Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome to my Hometown!

Let's take a walk around my town... First stop~ The Cake Stand!! The prettiest cakes ever!!
One of my favorite little shops! 120~ Diane is adorable, she has lots of glittery birds, bird nest, glittery words, bird cages, you name it.. you can find it here!
Ambrosia Vintage - OH my gosh! This shop is FAB!
Smitten~ Amazing store, unique finds! You will love Karen..
Spoons- great HUGE cupcakes! They are yummy! This little cafe is decorated stinkin' cute on the inside.. Few of my readers decorated her place.. I'LL keep these gal's ANONYMOUS to protect the innocent!
and our courthouse, recently restored - it is now a Performing Arts Center!
And last but certainly not least - my favorite Italian - Mama Emilias on the square!! White tablecloths, very romantic, a favorite of LOML's! Hope you all enjoyed the walk around my hometown!
Hugs~Grins~ Happiness~


Diana said...

I actually had a cake back in May from The Cake Stand. It was fabulous!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ahhh...good music and great pics. I need to head that way soon! ~Mindy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I've been to most shops you mentioned and yes it's fabulous, esp. Smitten and The Antique Company Mall. Will have to come back soon. I'll be sure and let you know when I do.

Darlene said...

Hi Valarie,

I came by to let you know I received my package today, and I am squealing with delight over Mabel and those FABULOUS kitchen towels!!!!!! THANK YOU sooooo much!!!! I will be posting about it next week some time. I also found out you don't live very far from me....I think we might need to meet and have a shopping trip with those great places you are showing in this post!!! I also added you to my favorites.♥

bj said...

I did enjoy strolling thru your home town. Thanks for sharing..

tammy said...

Makes me want to visit!

trash talk said...

I know who ANONYMOUS is, but their secret is safe with me!
Growing up in McKinney, I still recognize a lot of those locations as to what they were back in the day!
This is the kind of walking tour I can really get into. My feet don't even hurt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Valerie,
Love McKinney! just keeps getting better! Can't wait to get Michele (Crow-Hutchins) up to visit and take her to Mama Emilia's, my new favorite place to eat!!! Wonderful!!
Hope to see you soon!!
Glenda (Michele's Mom!)

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