Thursday, September 10, 2009

tell me why?

Why would I start cleaning my office after an 9 hour corporate America day job? Because... after a while disorganization gets to be a real pain!! Here we go... Before.. disorganized, event files, photos, bank statements .. you name it! A mess!
Few hours later - everything filed, photos in storage boxes, photos filed in CD cases..
This is where I need some help!! Coming off my master you walk into the laundry room.. I need a WOW! Maybe a chalk board wall? Perhaps a mural? Wall words? New paint color.. right now it is a soft, faint green - I think it Behr's Widow Lace. I love the color it accents the stained glass.. For sure I have two chandeliers to add over the workspace.. (they are in redo stages now!) What else... need your thoughts?! I am in a decorating dilemna!
oh... and what to put on this shelf with the hooks! (Right now I have the grandson's All Star baseball uniform hanging on it, that come straight out the dryer weeks ago). I think the shelf is ready for a coat of paint or paper or something??
I would be thrilled if you would really leave me a comment!


Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I'd go black with the shelf. Every room needs a touch of black. And the lines in the stained glass will pull nicely with it. There. My opinion. ha! ~Mindy

Claudia said...

I'm a big fan of chalkboards, though I have yet to get one myself! That would be a nice wow factor. What about glass jars full of wooden clothespins, and laundry detergent, or even dryer sheets - arranged in a row on top of the shelf with some sort of neat label?

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