Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do you have a pair of tacos?

Good day to all you- As you all know my grandson recently had the opportunity to attend Pine Cove Christian Camp. He had an amazing experience there! Pine Cove is on a mission to collect Tacos for Ticos. Let me explain~
Pine Cove Tacos for Ticos
Tacos = cleats
Ticos = Costa Ricans
(Spanish slang)
One unique and simple way that Pine Cove blesses Latin American campers is by giving them something they greatly treasure! Pine Cove has had the wonderful opportunity over the past five years to experience ministry in Latin America through Commission Camping. By equipping "Ticos" to play their most cherished sport of soccer with a new pair of "tacos," we can show them God’s love in a very tangible way.
I am collecting any cleat used or new, for a boy or girl, any size, that I can pass along for the mission. Please leave me a comment if you can donate and I will contact you.
Thank you!

1 comment:

trash talk said...

This may be a stupid question, but does that include golf shoe cleats?

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