Monday, April 6, 2009


I finally finished the chair's! I decided to paint 2 ruby red, 2 buttercup yellow, and then had a awesome friend to check the other! and this is how they are NOW! I am a bit out of my comfort zone... most all of our furniture is black. What do you honestly think?? Paint them all black?

Come on now... Please holla back at what you think!!


Deb said...

I like the red and the yellow! looks good

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

OH MY! Be still my heart!! JUST adorable!! :)

kimmcl said...

I always say, listen to what your gut tells you. All women have instincts that are spot on, the problem is, we just don't always listen to them!

Andrea said...

I love them just like they are now, gorgeous combination!!

mishebe said...

I LOVE THE CHECKETED ONE. I think u should mix up the red and yellow not have them together. maybe across the same color from each other. or all checkered. I was wondering if you could make your pictures larger. When i first started blogging i had the small pictures too. i did not know you could pick small, medium or large until my buddy told me. so maybe you did not either. I just want to see them better. my sight is getting worse every day. lol. Mishelle

Mimi Sue said...

I love them. The more color the better. When I'm not sure if I like something, I make myself live with it for a month or so. It seems to help to make up my mind. Happy Birthday to the boys. Mimi

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Valarie,
I love the yellow and red chairs. I have a lot of yellow and red in my home.
If I may make a suggestion, I think your monogram in black or even your black checkered pattern would look really cool on the top of the red chair in the middle,it looks like a flat area there.
I think the dinning table looks fun and a great family gathering place.
Take care,

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