Monday, March 19, 2012

Before & After - Outdoor living-

Spring is here and everyone is in the mood for a outdoor make-over.  

I had a vision and the below picture wasn't it. Although, we enjoyed the space for 7 years before the remodel. 
The slab poured next to the house for the bar & grill area. 

This was going to be LOML's office so we needed a real makeover here to the entry!

We did the side bed close to the house and added the picket fence to entry 

Fireplace & seating area marked off with orange paint 

Outdoor bar & grill going up! 

Seating bench to the left and flagstone steps added to LOML'S (LOVE OF MY LIFE) office  - The fireplace about to be built-

The next year we added shade friendly plants - lots of hostas planted - The following spring we added the flower bed to mirror the other bed... (see my orange paint!) 

So we dug and dug .. and mulched and mulched.. and planted more hosta and ferns.. These beds are 50 feet long.. 

From the street looking down the side of the house.. we planted grass... Grass would NOT grow! We reseeded for two years -

We watered and watered....and pampered the grass... too much shade.. 

So the next year we had Colorado river rock hauled in... lots of it.... with flagstone steps

All the rock was in so it seemed a bit harsh at first - we began to soften the flower beds with elements of interest 

Bird bath, a gazing ball, a few more flowers 

More flowers..... more color... of course I had to have a red chandelier and bling, it was one of the first things i hung when the pergola was complete! 
Added an old sink to a tree for interest or NOT 

found the broken bird bath on a curb - little birdies won't mind -  

Life is a white picket fence - 

This was taken in May when everything was  in full bloom

Shady and cozy we are almost done... 

Found these swinging gates last summer... loved them ... left them the way I found them ... buttercup yellow..

So after 5 years I think we are done with this side yard and outdoor living area.

This Spring just planting color and enjoying the fruits of our labor!

Thanks for stopping by- Hugs..


NanaDiana said...

OMGOSH, Valarie-! That is so impressive! What a labor of love! You have just done a phenomenal job of redoing that side yard. It looks like a vacation retreat and I can tell you have done a lot of work to make it look that way. Great job! I love it! xo Diana

Terry said...

I am very impressed with not only all the hard work but the creativity and beauty you brought to your space. Seems as if we have to go through trial and error to find what works best (your lawn path vs the rock path). Mother nature has a way with us. Just beautiful and it will only get better as the plants grow.

stefanie said...

oh! its perfect!

Lorilee said...

Beautiful! I spent much of my spring break weeding beds! Mine aren't nearly as pretty as yours. I love the pergola. The red chandelier is awesome!

Comeca Jones said...

Spring is here looks beautiful!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Great job, full of color and whimsy. My kind of space!

Sandy said...

Absolutely beautiful! I wish you could come to my house and help me with my porch. Nothing is planted. And before we can plan we have to get the gutters buried out into the yard...all four of them! Thanks for sharing your lovely yard with us.

Mick said...

I enjoy seeing long term projects come to pass! Everything looks wonderful, I think i've commented before on how much I love your set up. Later this year we will be adding a 240 sq ft addition onto the Casablanca, and as a result parts of the backyard will have to be re-landscaped and its going to change things up! Also this post makes me wish I had a pergola!

chateau chic said...

Oh my goodness, your outdoor living area is FABULOUS!! You must want to spend your whole day out there. I love all the vintage elements you incorporated into your flower gardens. It's amazing. I'm pinning it. If that's not okay let me know and I'll take them off my Pinterest.
I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by.
Mary Alice

Denise Marie said...

Great journey of love!! All the items seem so special & thoughtfully placed.

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