Friday, February 24, 2012


Remember the cottage by the lake we were dreaming of... 

 The kitchen is the heart of the home right? So to the left is the kitchen - the cabinet over the bar needs to be torn out and the bar area to open up the dining area.  The back door needs to be replaced with a new french door.   The 4 windows I would love to put large french doors that open to the deck on the other side of the window..  
All of these cabinets need to be ripped off the wall. I want to beadboard all the walls, open shelving, farm sink, obviously remove the stove it was a 70's model.  

So ... I been thinking it over here are a few options I kinda like!  

Love the chalk board.. fun for a cottage by the lake 

Very industrial looking... with the black brackets.. 
 They didn't accept our first offer.... waiting on counter.... & waiting...
I can see me in any of the above kitchens surrounded by family & friends. 
Which kitchen would you like to come visit? 
Smiles.. Valarie 


NanaDiana said...

I like all the kitchen images. Oh- I hope you get it. Isn't waiting just awful? You will have so much fun fixing that up! xo Diana

jmac said...

Love them all! and get ready sistah.......these lakehouses are a whole lotta work. Fun...but work.
Ours was built in the early 70's and looked alot like the pics you're showing here. This will be our 16th summer and we still work every time we're there. Always a work in progress....but yes, fun!
What body of water will you be on? In E TX??

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