Wednesday, April 6, 2011

birthday wishes

Help me wish these special guys a fabulous birthday!! 
Son-Jonathan turned 20 yesterday. He is a engineering student at the University of Arkansas. WOOOO PIG Sooie!   Grandson Wesley turns 11 today!! Where o' where does the time go? 

We are celebrating here at the blue cottage!


Diane Writes said...

Hello again Valerie! Happy Birthday to them! Thank you for following my blog too. I wish them happiness, good health and more years of togetherness with you & the rest of your family!

melismama said...

WOW Happy Birthday! My daughter turned 4 yesterday! April is a great month for birthdays!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday hope the celebrations go well. My daughter is studying Engineering at Cardiff University. So I know how hard your son has to work and wish him well.

Francy said...

wish your guys a very happy birthday for me!

ShantyGirl said...

What a happy group of young men!! I bet you are proud, I am following your. I figure we have Texas and trailers in common(although mine is not vintage...but I have a love for vitnage trailers so love seeing pics and reading about them and I did see some sisters at grapevine lake last year when I was camping! and gosh I absolutely love all the songs on your playlist, good taste my dear when I heard CCR and then looked down the list there is uncle kracker and stevie and Maggie May.......I love your playlist!! So nice to Blog meet you!

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