Saturday, February 19, 2011

Living Room Reveal - Before & After!

I am joining in the linky party .. beyond the picket fence.... 100 ideas under $100!
Happy Saturday all... my living area is back in order. As mentioned in earlier post I had a plan to remodel dining room only.. Since the dining and living connected I had to paint both rooms to flow. While in the process I moved many pieces around the house to give this room a new look for no expense. 

My cost to makeover the living room... paint and labor of love!  

My old paint color was "Sands of Time" .. new paint color is Ralph Lauren "Natural Canvas" Same color I painted my kitchen last year. I love it! ALSO... while we were painting the dining & living also painted the ceilings the same color for a warm and cozy feel. It totally gives you a different feel in these rooms. Painted all crown and floor molding "Seaside Sand"

This is the only recent photo I have of the living where you can see the layout of the living area. This was taken at Christmas. You can see where I had the sofa at angle in front of the windows. After 8 years of angling the sofa I was really tired of it and I have 2 huge windows behind the couch. I was ready to take advantage of the huge window and light they bring in. The black mirror you see in far left hand corner is now in the dining room (revealing soon) and the tea cart in same corner was only in living area for holiday to allow more space for tree in dining area.  The tea cart  is now in the Shabby Room.  
BEFORE: This was the long wall in the living area. The cross collection and the blessed are now hanging in my hallway.   The black pedestal holding the fern is now in the dining area. 
This is the long wall, moved the couch here. The black buffet mirror was in the dining area and moved to living area, moved the 2 vintage mirrors on the left from the Shabby Chic room.  

Few pieces on top of the mirror buffet are a few of my favorites. The black damask plates were in dining room moved them under the black mantle, they were a Pottery Barn find and I heart them too. No longer work in dining room so moved to living - where most of my red and black finds are.  
Where the cross collection use to hang is now the print of red roses and underneath is a very old sampler... HOME SWEET HOME.. (Click on photo to enlarge) 
You can see more of the living area here... In far right corner is a old buffet - When we got the man sized flat screen we had to have something to hold all the video's, cd's and books - (I am NOT a fan of the flat screen being a decorative object) Aren't you loving the new paint???

The Queen Anne chairs now sit in front of the windows... i love them there. The table between the chairs is a goodwill find - top is marble. 

Walls bare here.. enjoying the new paint for now. 

Sharing this little corner behind the Pottery Barn leather chair and ottoman that I would love to put on Craig's list  LOML loves! The shabby chic column behind his chair is a trades day find,  the black buffet topper I bought from Jan -(antique mall-mckinney).  
Thanks for stopping by! Please share your comments! thoughts! 


Karla at Home said...

Hey Valarie,
Love the new paint color and the furniture placement changes. All your hard work really paid off!!! Hope to see you soon...I will stop by and see your new rooms soon.

Stacey said...

Valarie, it looks great! I always admire your accessories. Love the fabric mix on your furniture too. The new paint is perfect. Don't worry too much about the big TV...we have one now too...not my thing. What's a girl to do?

Stacey said...

One more thing, have I ever told you that I love your shutters? They are so perfect in a cottage. We have them on the front of our house. I wish they were everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Hi Valarie! I'm having a giveaway of a khaki jacket in honor or reaching 300 followers. One of my lucky followers will win and I didn't want to end the giveaway without letting you know. Come see... its a nice jacket.


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

You have a lovely home, really enjoyed the tour.

Laura said...

Wow! The whole room looks amazing! I love your arm chairs and mirrors. The lamp resting behind one arm chair is beautiful -where did you find it? The 'rose' painting is something special and I love your wooden floors.

As a result of the paint colours you have chosen the room looks so welcome and inviting. Can't wait to see your dining room.

shelia said...

Love the new paint color! The living room looks great. You are killing me with suspense over the dining room! Can't wait to see! love ya,Shelia

The Primitique said...

You have been busy! I like what you're doing. Very nice! ~Mindy

Anonymous said...

Your room looks fabulous! I just love your shutters. Your home is so lovely.


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