Wednesday, February 23, 2011

62 Shasta pictures.. because you asked for more!!

I joined the REDNESDAY linky party to show off something red. I shared this red adorable trailer that I loved and could kick myself for selling.  Many of you emailed and left comments "SHOW US MORE" SO for those of you that ask.... here she is ... Also click here for past postings on her. 

This is the night we picked her up in Texarkana! 

Lori had started to remodel her-- 

It had much water damage... We replaced the entire back panel and insulated.  
Back of trailer off, insulated and new sub floor put down. 
Stove came with the trailer, we had the trailer all rewired and added the dorm refrigerator.. drawers and cabinets built with boomerang handles on cabinets which were original 
A closet built with clothes rack to store linens, awning etc... 
Tim worked with the guy that remodeled to add the a/c to back. We did not want to lose any space or window space... worked like a dream .. seriously would freeze you!! 
All overhead cabinets rebuilt, he was able to savage all the trim. New stain throughout .. HONEY BIRCH... Please note if you decide to remodel one of these and the inside is HONEY BIRCH ... DO not PAINT it decreases the value. 
The table we had built - it folds up and can also be removed. I had cushions made of oilcloth - very easy to clean and durable for our family! The cushions on the long benches will seat 3-4 - It is very comfortable for sleeping. We never unfolded to make a full size bed due to space. 
I cleaned and cleaned, polished and polished her silver to make her shine... she was adorable.. 
My mom made her banner... I loved it!! 
My sister made her red white check curtains.. and hand towels.  We had hand pump for water - good enough to use to brush your teeth. 
Here she is all ready for her first trip to celebrate my 50th! 
I was so happy with her!! 
All ready to go... 
This was taken at Devil's Den in Arkansas. 

LOVED THE AIR VENT... SO VINTAGE! I loved to crank it open... to see the trees above us.

I know you are asking why I sold her.... She did not have a bathroom, and the trailer from end to tongue was only 12 ft. I had my heart set on an airstream. I put her on Craig's List AND sold her in one day! I didn't expect to sell her.. I cried when she pulled out the driveway... But oh how I love my new 62 Silverstreak!!  If you want to see that one in the remodel let me a comment and will post soon!! 

Hugs.. Thanks for all the comments ! Someone actually does read my blog!! 



Pine Tree Home said...

On to bigger and better campers, eh?

Francy said...

you know we want you to show us the re do on the air stream!

All That Glitters said...

Well, of course we want to see the remodel!!!! I love everything you touch!!!

Daphne Nicole & Lynda Cade said...

Oh Valaire, that is the cuties little trailer.... love the banner and curtains that you Mom and sister made for it! I would love to see the Silver Streak, I'm sure it will be adorable too!!!
hugs~~~ Daphne

Mick said...

Oh I love it! In the next year or two I'd like to restore a trailer to use as a "guest house" at the Casablanca! I love that lightning bolt paint job the Shastas come with, your red pain looks sharp,But mine would be yellow or Turquoise!

Laura said...

Gosh! What a beauty, I can imagine it must have been very difficult to part with her. Would love to see your new camper.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said... is adorable! Maybe you can buy it back! ;)

lala said...

I would so love to see how you are redoing your Silver Streak. I am delightfully fascinated by these homes on wheels and so wish I had a wee one for my very own. Your sweet red & white was definitely a cutie.

Katherine said...

Yes, yes, yes I want to see!

Holly said...

I LOVE this! I am a new follower! Found you on the craft o maniac linky party! LOVE your blog.

The TinCan Cottage said...

Ahhhh...I didn't know you had this little darling! The Cuz of my TinCan Cottage. I know where your coming from though on the size...but I kind of like the Forces us to stay outside "D
But, I do think of the next size up from time to time, If I was to sell, May I ask How much you sold her for?
Waiting on your return from the Sister's on the fly trip...hope your having a blast!
Talk to ya later,
smiles, Christine

RACHELLE said...

How did you put up the awning???

I have a tiny trailer just like this one but i don't know how to attach an awning....Since it didnt come with the any pre installed awning hardware. LOVE The red and blues!!!!


fairyrocks said...

Just dropping by from the Where Bloggers Create 2011 event. I just had to take a look at your remodel.
So charming and fun.
Keep blogging and creating

Martina said...

love love love...congrats on a quick sale!! post your airstream!!!

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