Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I want this as my "AFTER"

This vintage shasta makeover is a new project for me and LOML so we are cussin' and discussing what to do with her. I found this one on line and loved the article courtesy of Sarah Brown. Click here to read more! Don't you love her? It is a 1962 so I am thinking Sister #1446 can polish up like this one! (still waiting on approval for my official name, so we will call her sister for now!) ) Love the inside... all of our birch is still good.. needs a little polishing but am thinking she could look this good!  Thoughts? ((think LOML is rethinking this gig??)) Hugs! Valarie


Tennis Girl said...

The makeover one is sooooo sweet. I love it! Like I said, I would set it out in the backyard for my little hideaway!

Texas Preacher Woman said...

I am soooooo jealous! I can't wait to see your updates on the decor -- you are going to have so much fun!


mishebe said...

I want one now thanks! lol. And yes yours could look like that!

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