Thursday, March 25, 2010

i am here... i promise....

Hey, all you sweet friends that email me. I am here and life is grand I promise.  I am however struggling on how to turn off the business and turn back on the fun... I am loving the real estate business.. I can market property my way, (no more corporate), I can make a decision without a 30 page power point business plan, I create my own budget, I can pop in and check on all of you through my blog dashboard for a second if I want (could not do that in corporate, firewall blocked) can go to lunch anytime in the day (not an option in corporate world, had too much work to get out!) so you can all imagine I am loving the flexibility of being my own CEO, my own marketing department, etc...  I do miss finding time to go junkin', work on my tablescapes, re-arranging my cottage, Goodwill AND the many friends you all know and adore that have fabulous darling shops that I have not been to since end of last year!!
I completed the Keller Williams 4:4:3 (boot camp) end of Jan - The 4:4:3 is a fast track to success with 4 sales, 4 listings, in 3 months, it is a way to get grounded for a journey of success.  I am 1/2 way there and have another 30 days to achieve... I am hitting the pavement hard... To date, I have sold 2 commercial properties, and have 2 listings... I am thrilled beyond words and jump out of the bed each morning for a new day of hope and promise. I can not thank you all enough for your support!
Now for all of you in Texas in Denton County, I have a new listing in Lewisville... $178, 000 .. Super home, pristine condition, new roof, new radiant barrier in attic... Won't you send me a first time home buyer (tax credits still apply)?   xxoox, Valarie

P.S. Any referral you send me I pay a referral fee!  


jmac said...

Hey Girl...none of your pics are showing up........
where is the home in denton county?
which town.
glad you're so happy...makes life fun, eh?

Diane said...

Hi Valerie, I just came across your blog through another one and it caught my eye your occupation! I too am a Real Estate Agent in California, I sure did love this Post, very cool. And congratulations to your success. Things have been very slow here and I am determined to jump start things... I am ready to get those 3 Listings... any pointers and positive thoughts send them my way! Hugs, Diane

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