Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet my friend Fredda Perkins!

I have to share this adorable,cutest ever craft cottage. I met Fredda a few years ago in the garden club, she also loves in the Historic District in the most stunning home in the district. Please go here to read about Fredda. She and her daughter will inspire you! Her home, her life, her love for all her crafts are amazing. Please read more on her daughter's blog here! (Another talented one!!) Fredda, we all so enjoy your talents! I am glad to be in your company!  oH... and click here for Fredda's fabulous mosiac work! Leave me your thoughts and I pass on to Fredda!
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Deb said...

that is so cute...going by to visit...

bj said...

What a fabulous little house.
I just realized, when looking thru my sidebar, that I don't have your I came over to get it and take it home with me.
NOW, I have some new blogs to look at...thanks for the links..
hugs, bj

Diana said...

Great! Will hop over now.


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