Saturday, January 23, 2010

I have been a very bad girl.....

Sorry to not have answered some of your questions so here goes to all the sweet gal's I have not responded too...
1) What is the actual color of the blue cottage? Color, Denim by Sherwin Williams, the trim is Ink also by Sherwin Williams.
2) What is the color of my dining and living area? Color, Sands of Time by Sherwin Williams
3) Are my hardwood floors orginal to the house? Yes and No..  The hardwood floors added to the kitchen in 08. At that time I also had the entire cottage hardwoods stripped, restained and hand scraped.
4) Do I have a new sofa? LORD, NO! This sofa was once all red, but had her redone and I designed the look, mixing 5 fabrics.. had this amazing guy recover -cost me about $375  and yes... he also did the wingback chairs for $125. i bought the wing back chairs at an auction I attend regularly in Edom
5) Have I found a job? A job no, a new venture yes ... will share soon.
6) Are all my kids out of the house and are we empty nesters? YES, THANK GOD!
7) Why do I blog? I LOVE LOVE people! I love to share my life, that I have been blessed with. Hopefully this life I lead will inspire or make someone smile. I guess it is just my way of giving back.
8)  Would I consider helping plan a wedding? YES.. YES.. As you all know I have been in events and marketing for 19 years in corporate America so yes.. I would be thrilled to help anyone or review any type of a contract for your event.  ( I have done 3 weddings the last few years and it is pretty cool)
9)  Why do you call your husband LOML and what is his real name? His real name is TIM and  he is the Love Of My Life... so I always call him that.
10) Why don't you do more post on MIMI Thursday?  under my label "What is a MIMI?"  I had a strange comment on my blog about my grandsons - it freaked me out so stopped for a while.. will continue to do but not with face photography.  This person was blocked from site.
11) Am I from Texas?? Yes... a native Texan, I was raised in East Texas, went to Elementary school in Greenville & Winnsboro, before settling in Canton in the 5th grade, Canton High grad 1979, moved to Tyler in 1979, Mckinney in 2002.
12) Someone emailed me - you talk about your MoM often - but never your dad is he deceased? My step father raised us three kids.. wonderful man-passed away in 94, taught me everything I know about life lessons, hard work and horses. My grandson is named after him.  My biological father is living.. enough said!
I hope I answered all the questions... and thanks for being a follower.. I love you and would never want to neglect any of you fabulous gals!
Happy SATURDAY night..


Deb said...

great to hear all about my favorite blogger buddies...

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Valarie, I'm just trying to get caught up on my blogging. I haven't been around much lately. I'm retiring next week and so I'll have more time to visit everyone. I've been looking thru your blog and I see you've been very busy, too. I liked your list of answers, too.

Stacey said...

That was fun info Valarie. I hate to think what must have been said that made you not want to do Mimi days. It's easy for us to be comfortable with people we talk to regularly on our blogs...we have to remember that anyone can read. I would share more about my family but my family isn't too keen about it.

I've been talking up the McKinney tour to my husband. :)

southerninspiration said...

What fun to get to know you better!!!

Diana said...

Enjoyed the Q & A.

Got you listed on the "Texas" list today!

bj said...

Thanks for all those answers..helped me to know you a little better.
I, too, had the best step father in the world and I loved him dearly. I miss him so much.

Regarding painting my desk and chair black...good idea. I actually have a LOT of black in that room...the natural of the desk and chair really goes well with my twin caramel colored leather sofas so I will leave it that way least for awhile. :O)
If ever I do paint it, it would absolutely be black!! :O)
xo bj

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Someone frightened me as well, and I pulled some of my posts. Lately I have been adding photo's of my family...and I am beginning to wonder if that is such a great idea. I forget there are worms in the woodwork. Frightening, as we don't think like that.
I think I will give it a rest too, just in case! I have had a feeling lately and I think I will heed it.
I am in the midst of redoing my home too...and am interested in your decor. It is late and I am off to bed...but I shall return.
Wonderful home...just lovely!

Anonymous said...

Hey chickadee! I get alittle freaked out to about having pics on my blog! I dunno if I should delete them all or not!? I wish we could meet each other! I have been wanting to go to canton so badly! hugs


Life In My Nest said...

Hey Valarie -- remember me (I told you I don't live too far from you). Just wondering if your upholsterer is in the McKinney area and whether or not he works for anyone but you! I need to get a loveseat redone (thought I would attempt it, but I'm scared). You can email me with the answer. Loved reading your answers. Thanks.

Paula said...

all fun to read Valarie...hope your new adventure is going well:)
just grabbed your pretty button for my blog!

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