Thursday, December 3, 2009

Treated myself.....

To...  a few baby roses for my favorite little hanging vases in the dining room area! I love these little wall hanging vases... Always perk up the space and ohhh how I love to fill them with roses, daisies, ivy, lemons, limes, mint.. anything goes in these vases! Do you have something in your home that has a favorite spot in your heart???


bj said...

Hi, Val...these are just beautiful. I know just how much you love them 'cause I have 2 little wall vases that I love to fill, too. In the summer, roses from my garden, Holly with red berries from my yard around this time of year. Last yr, I filled them with candy canes and they looked so festive.
Have fun decorating...
xo bj

Dreams and Decor said...

Your wall vases and roses are both so pretty! I guess my fav spot in my home right now is the new chalkboard Big D made for my kitchen, where I can say whatever my heart desires!

I clicked the button on your sidebar for the McKinney tour of homes, and they look awesome! We're going to the Waxahachie Christmas tour of homes. It's always so fantastic, but unfortunately they won't let us snap photos! :( Have fun! Patti

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