Monday, December 10, 2012

A day at Neiman Marcus!

The girls have a family tradition... I have lost count how many years we have done this.... Every year for Christmas we take my Mama to the Zodiac Room at Neiman Marcus for a "fancy luncheon" as my GRANDson calls it.  
Sharing a few snaps of the event... 
Me, GRANDson, Daughter Ashley before departure at my house.. 

My Mama & her cousin Carolyn... (My mom is only child so her cousin is very special to her- like sisters!) 

(L-R) Mama, Ashley, Wesley, my sister Pam, Me, niece Haley Jayne, and in front Carolyn 

Ooh la la!! 

Loving this ornament!  Mackenzie Childs work always impressive!  

Loved the ornaments wrapped around the tree! 

The GRANDson got to drop in for lunch - a few years back he was out of school on the day we went and we did a trail with him.. He loved, really LOVED IT! Last year he didn't get to go and this year he said " I AM GOING TO THE FANCY LUNCH" ..  We love having him around ... Obviously he was loving the toy section!!  

The Christmas Tree this year! 

Love the snow owl!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


Prior said...

Hey, loved your luncheon and just realized that we are not only blog friends, but that I worked with Alshley last year in Mabank! Tell her Merry Christmas and that we miss her, also let her know we have opened a store in Mabank and would love to see y'all! You could have a fancy luncheon at our Tea Room!
...She comes from a line of beautiful women...
Lezlee @ Elsie Mae on Market!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

What a fun day! My daughters are home from college; and we will be lunching at the Willow Bend location. It's a wonderful tradition for us!

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