Saturday, July 24, 2010

just cleaning.....

Working on the master suite today.... She was in need of a deep clean and make-over on the shelving.. did not take before pictures! (dang it)

I had all my clocks in different rooms, thought for a change I would display together. Several of the small clocks are sitting on a piece of porch railing that I snagged from a garage sale. The tri fold mirror on the right side is one of many i have. I heart those and they add so much to a shelf!
3rd shelf rearranged a few of my favorite books, scrapbooks of mine and LOML memories. In the apothecary jar are all of our movie tickets for the last year... I usually keep a years worth of them then add a page in our scrapbook.  I am very sentimental .. (in case you didn't notice)  

LOML nightstand, alarm clock (they are never attractive), remote (a must have for LOML) a picture of us and another jar filled with numbers 430 (our anniversary) all sitting on a silver platter. (i have a small obsession with silver platters) The canvas art hanging is a piece done by Duda Daze that I gave LOML one year for anniversary gift! If you click on photo you can see her work.  She has done 3 custom pieces for me and I smile every time I walk by her art.  
My nightstand re-worked - vintage telephone that rings like my grandmother's phone did and oh I love the sound of a old phone ringing! Another alarm clock, silver candlestick and candle all on silver platter!  The old window hanging to the left of this picture, I make those and sell here in town locally.  One of my favorite sayings and I never grow tired of it!

The mantle above the bed.. re-worked it as well with old mirrors I found along the way, pieces of silver and crystal .. kinda lost my steam on this ... this was the last shelf I did... probably redo doesn't look so well in pictures... oh WELL!!  My bedding is Target, custom pillow in back made here locally and you can't see in this photo my dust ruffle is black/white polka dotted, so it accents this king size pillow in back. Love it!  The white pillow is "SWEET DREAMS" one of my favorite as well.

WHew, okay that was a lot of cleaning, and dusting, and re-arranging... Hope you had a fun tour with me! Hugs, Valarie 


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I soooo LOVE your mantel over your bed...I put one over mine a few months ago...guess I need to post about it. Everything looks great and thanks for showing it to all of us.


Yaya Chique said...

Beautiful bedroom..and LOVE the colors! I also have a passion for silver trays...xo..deb

Daisy Cottage said...

LOVE all the glimpses of your world sweet one.... you are such a talent - everything you do is warm and filled with love .. you inspire me with every visit!!!


Christy said...

Oh my goodness! I ADORE everything about your house!!! I'm ready to bull doze mine and start over....starting with a collection of those precious little clocks!!

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