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Hey all... One of the finest teachers in my district has applied for a grant. The grant is defined below in my blog. Alison taught Wesley, she is a fine teacher at the elementary school here in the McKinney Historic District.  Please go here to vote -- ALISON SMITHWICK,  page 22- Leave me a comment if you voted... I knew I could count on you.  xxoox, Valarie

Project Title
I've Got Stories to Tell
Students often struggle with the idea that their own life experiences are stories worth sharing. Many of our students do not possess a sense of self-worth. Yet, their life stories are powerful and inspiring stories of survival. Whether their struggles are academic, economic, domestic, or all of the above, these children can and will overcome all obstacles in their way. Sharing their stories digitally, creating visuals and soundtracks, can have a profound therapeutic effect.
How will I use the money:
I will use the money to buy premier subscriptions to Web 2.0 resources such as animoto and other digital media creation sites. I will also be able to print and order books created by kids online on sites such as
Who will benefit:
I work with Tier 2 and 3 students daily and would create "life story" projects with them. My hope is that the benefits from the process and the pride in the products will be visible to other students and teachers and that they will want to engage in similar activities.
McKinney, TX
How will you use the FlipCam to document your idea?
I will take video of kids working through the memory mapping, story boarding, project development, and product sharing.
When will my project take place:
As soon as I get the subscriptions and materials
Why I want to do this:
Kids need to know that their stories are worth sharing. Sharing experiences is a way to make deep connections and build relationships.


Deb said...

Voted for your friend...hope it helps..

Mimi Sue said...

You got my vote. Mimi

Paula said...

Good Luck to Alison!

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Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Allison has my vote.

Irma :)

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